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About Flopper's Garden

Flopper's Garden rabbit nutritionals are handcrafted organic plant-based foods designed specifically for pet rabbits. They are an excellent supplement to your bunny's grass hay diet, providing a variety of essential vitamins and minerals that they need to be healthy.

All of the Flopper's Garden products were developed by an expert herbalist using holistic methods. They were originally developed to provide nutritional supplements for her many rescued rabbits. It has taken years to cultivate the sources for all the organic materials and create the delicious, but healthy proprietary mixes. Each plant that is used is harvested at it's peak to provide the maximum nutritive value to the product.

The availability of the ingredients does not allow them to be mass produced and sold in large quantities. Each batch of Flopper's Garden products are handmade using the finest quality organic material and does not sit on the shelf for more than a couple weeks to insure palatability and freshness when your rabbit goes to eat it. There are no preservatives or chemicals used. This is why you will never be able to find Flopper's Garden rabbit nutritionals in large chain pet stores.

My rabbits receive a measured amount of one of these herbal treats, each day. I rotate them to provide variety and a full spectrum of nutrients for them. Flopper's Garden products are a healthy alternative to fruit and grain based treats that you will find in most pet stores. These herbal mixes more closely mimic the types of natural treats that a rabbit would eat in the wild.

You will find that these types of treats support your rabbit's health and well-being by having needed vitamins and minerals in their natural form without containing unnecessary carbohydrates and protein that many treats have. My bunnies adore them and I am sure yours will, too.